Lake Superior Not for Sale

Unite, protect, educate, support, and 

empower all positive actions for the water.

Ningaa izichige nibi onji

(I do it for the water)

GLIFWC’s member tribes retain the rights to hunt, fish, and gather and the other usual privileges of occupancy on the ceded territories.

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Lake Superior NOT For Sale Merchandise

Have you seen yard signs, bumper stickers, tee shirts, sweatshirts, ball caps, and winter hats with an image of Lake Superior stating "Not For Sale?"  

We have been raising awareness for opposition to Kristle KLR and similar efforts of water exploitation in Northern Wisconsin.  Merchandise efforts are a fundraiser for legal funds and establishing our non-profit.  

Thank you for your support!

On 07/25/2022

Kristle KLR appealed the Circuit court decision.  

Background: Kristle KLR proposes harvesting artesian water from Herbster, Wisconsin by capturing, storing, and trucking the water to Superior. Then the water will then be packaged and sold in the Twin Cities (and beyond if successful). Kristle KLR has a registered NCAGE Code for doing business with international governments. 

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Vision: Clean, healthy water and ecosystems in the Lake Superior Basin for this and future generations.

Mission: LSNFS non-profit will stop water extraction industries in the Lake Superior Basin through education, cross cultural and cross generational organizing, networking, and action.



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