Lake Superior Not for Sale

Unite, protect, & persist against private water interests

Ningaa izichige nibi onji

(I do it for the water)

GLIFWC’s member tribes retain the rights to hunt, fish, and gather and the other usual privileges of occupancy on the ceded territories.

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Lake Superior NOT For Sale Merchandise

Have you seen yard signs, bumper stickers, tee shirts, sweatshirts, ball caps, and winter hats with an image of Lake Superior stating "Not For Sale?"

We have been raising awareness for opposition to Kristle KLR and similar efforts of water exploitation in Northern Wisconsin. Merchandise efforts are a fundraiser for legal funds and establishing our non-profit.

Ehler's Store in Cornucopia, Wisconsin carries yard signs and stickers. Check out local events for our educational and fundraising table.

Thank you for your support!

On 07/25/2022

Kristle KLR appealed the Circuit court decision.

On 06/10/2022

The Bayfield County BOA Decision denying Kristle KLR’s water bottling proposal was affirmed by appeal court Judge Bittner.

Background: The Town of Clover and Bayfield County Zoning unanimously said no to Kristle KLR's Conditional Use Permit request. The Bayfield County Board of Adjustment and Circuit Court have upheld the decision.

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